Landing Fees and Refuelling

Fixed Wing Aircraft Type Example Price £        

Min fuel uplift to

waive landing fee

Single piston 2 seats C152, PA38, RV4, C42 12   50L
Single piston 4 seats PA28, C172, RV10, Cirrus 15   60L
Single piston 6 seats PA32, BE36, C210 15   60L
Twin piston PA34, C310, BE58 20   80L
Single turbine small PA46T, TBM700 30   150L
Twin turbine / VLJ PA42, C90, BE200, Mustang 50    N/A
Other PC12, C525 100    N/A
Piston R22, R44, Schweizer 300 12   60L
Single turbine B206, AS350, EC120 20   150L
Twin turbine up to 3600kg B429, AS355, EC135, A109 40   N/A
Twin turbine over 3600kg EC155, S76, A139 50   N/A
Circuits and touch & gos All categories 5    
 Daytime parking  All categories FREE     
 Single overnight parking      
Twin overnight parking   12    

Prices include VAT


  • Avgas 100LL, Jet A1 and piston-engine oils are available
  • Current price per litre excluding VAT: Avgas £1.51 (+ 20% VAT), Jet A1 £0.70 (+ 5% VAT). Updated 2nd May 2019
  • Fuel is delivered by mobile bowser
  • Rotors running refuelling is available on request