Landing Fees and Refuelling

Fixed Wing Aircraft Type Example Price £        

Min fuel uplift to

waive landing fee

Single piston 2 seats C152, PA38, RV4, C42 12   50L
Single piston 4 seats PA28, C172, RV10, Cirrus 15   60L
Single piston 6 seats PA32, BE36, C210 15   60L
Twin piston PA34, C310, BE58 20   80L
Single turbine small PA46T, TBM700 30   150L
Twin turbine / VLJ PA42, C90, BE200, Mustang 50    N/A
Other PC12, C525 100    N/A
Piston R22, R44, Schweizer 300 12   60L
Single turbine B206, AS350, EC120 20   150L
Twin turbine up to 3600kg B429, AS355, EC135, A109 40   Please ask
Twin turbine over 3600kg EC155, S76, A139 50   Please ask
Circuits and touch & gos All categories 5    
 Daytime parking  All categories FREE     
 Single overnight parking      
Twin overnight parking   12    

Prices include VAT


  • Avgas 100LL, Jet A1 and piston-engine oils are available
  • Current price per litre excluding VAT: Avgas £1.41 (+ 20% VAT), Jet A1 £0.71 (+ 5% VAT). Updated 19th July 2017
  • Fuel is delivered by mobile bowser
  • Rotors running refuelling is available on request