Safety First!

Turweston Aerodrome welcomes members of the public. We want everyone to enjoy themselves while here but SAFETY is our number one priority.

Please observe all barriers and notices - they are there to protect you.

Access for members of the public is restricted to the marked parking bays in the car parks. Access to the areas where aircraft are parked, the runway and the lake is prohibited.


Children must not run in the cafe or on the deck - we don't want to trip over them and spill something hot or drop something sharp. If you are bringing your furry friends to the cafe please note they must be well-behaved, clean, dry and on a lead.

If you would like to access other areas of the aerodrome please call us and we will do our best to assign someone to show you around. In the meantime please remember that aircraft can be dangerous (even when parked) and it is important to stay away from them.