Welcome to the Flight Deck Café! 

Our food is freshly made to order using quality ingredients which we source locally  where possible. There are daily specials, Sunday roasts in the winter and seasonal offerings throughout the year. 

The Café is on the first floor of the Tower building and has a beautiful terrace overlooking the lake and runway.

Our permanent Café team consists of Julia (Manager), Nathan, James, Andrew, Isabelle, Emma and Mellisa. Throughout the summer we are delighted to have help from Jade and Chloe. 

Photos and updates are frequently posted on our Facebook page.

Clean, well-behaved dogs on leads are always welcome - and we will try to find them a treat! Please respect other customers and don't bring dirty or wet dogs into the Café.

We are open every day from 10am to 4pm unless otherwise notified. 


Smoking: We do not allow smoking (including vaping) anywhere on our premises including on the decks and around the outside of the building. Smoking is permitted on the concrete area adjacent to the solar farm. 


Our mouth watering menu is available to download below . For chef's specials please see the boards in the cafe or visit our Facebook page.


Menu Autumn 2018.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 118.3 KB



All our staff have had allergy training and will be happy to answer your questions about what our food contains.



We offer several dishes that are either gluten-free (gf), or suitable for vegetarians (v) or vegans (vg). If you have a special requirement that is not met by our menu please ask a member of staff to help. We will always do our best to meet special dietary needs. 



We like to buy our ingredients from local suppliers where possible. Our meat is supplied by Wrightons in Fritwell, our cakes are made by us and the lovely ladies of Towcester Country Market and eggs come from the Happy Hens at College Farm in Evenley. We also buy seasonal produce from local growers.  



We recycle all our bottles, cans, cardboard, paper and plastic.



The Tower was constructed to an extremely high standard of energy efficiency. Solar panels provide much of our electricity and the insulation is designed to maximise heat retention in the winter and minimise it in the summer.

Safety First!

Turweston Aerodrome welcomes members of the public. We want everyone to enjoy themselves while here but SAFETY is our number one priority.

Please observe all barriers and notices - they are there to protect you.

Access for members of the public is restricted to the marked parking bays in the car parks. Access to the areas where aircraft are parked, the runway and the lake is prohibited.


Children must not run in the cafe or on the deck - we don't want to trip over them and spill something hot or drop something sharp. If you are bringing your furry friends to the cafe please note they must be well-behaved, clean, dry and on a lead.

If you would like to access other areas of the aerodrome please call us and we will do our best to assign someone to show you around. In the meantime please remember that aircraft can be dangerous (even when parked) and it is important to stay away from them.