Filming and Photography

Turweston is a popular venue for photography. Our "blank canvas" backdrops make us ideal for those shots where the subject of the photograph is more important than the setting or when a company wishes to add its own branding.

To arrange a photo shoot call Tanya Coles on 01280 705400, selecting option 2 for the office, or email.

Troy (UK) Ltd and New Image filmed a Bond spoof at Turweston for their 2016 Troy Means Business event at Silverstone Circuit. Many thanks to Turweston -based aircraft owner Graham Mountford for allowing us to use his aeroplane as part of the shoot. You can watch the video on You Tube - the Directors' Big Entrance

The Yesterday Channel's Garth Barnard is very familiar with Turweston Aerodrome having spent time here filming "Death in the Moonlight: Turweston Wellington Collision" for the Air Crash Detectives Series.

James Fowler, Creative Director of Definition Media ( who worked with Garth on the series, has used Turweston as a location for various other filming projects, using hangars, conference rooms and even a dark corridor to achieve the effects he needs.

Turweston Aerodrome was very excited to be a part of the pre-filming process for the 24th James Bond film.


Members of the crew visited us to practice air manoeuvres for the spectacular scene where the Islander aeroplane chases the Range Rovers through the mountains.


These are not Turweston's only brushes with the iconic Bond brand. A few years ago we were involved in another car chase - this time for another spoof being filmed by a local company for their 25th anniversary celebrations. Turweston team member Tanya Coles got to live out her lifetime ambition of being a Bond girl by volunteering for the role of Miss Moneypenny.