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British Grand Prix Cross-Country Shuttle Service

Turweston Airfield to Silverstone Circuit – Straight Across The Fields!

Faster In, Faster Out

The F1 British Grand Prix weekend will take place at Silverstone Circuit from Friday 6th to Sunday 8th July 2012.

Enhance your day with hassle-free travel. Our shuttle service to the Circuit enables you to avoid the traffic and queues both on the way in and on the way out. Round off your day in comfort and style with our cross-country service that takes you to the Circuit and back fromTurweston Aerodrome, where the parking is free and plentiful and the service of a high standard.

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What is the Service?

A chauffeur-driven shuttle in prestige vehicles that helps you avoid the traffic queues going into and out of Silverstone Circuit during the weekend of the British Grand Prix.

Turweston Aerodrome is located close to Silverstone Circuit but away from the A43 and the one-way system. If you want to beat the traffic queues when arriving and leaving the Circuit, and add the fun of an off-road trip to your day out, this is the route for you.

Using our special directions you should be able to reach the airfield without getting caught in the worst of the traffic heading to the Circuit. Once you arrive here, we will take care of getting you to the Grand Prix. [Go to top]

How Does It Work?

We have a fleet of prestige vehicles with drivers and an off-road cross country route from the airfield to the Circuit. The route goes across privately owned land and is used exclusively by Turweston Flight Centre.

You can come to the airfield by road or by air, park your car or aircraft here, be chauffeured to Silverstone Circuit and collected again later.

Once at the airfield you will be directed to a parking space and from there to our reception area where you will be issued with a wristband for the shuttle. The wristband entitles you to a return trip to and from the Circuit in one of our vehicles.You will then be shown to the departure point for the shuttle and as soon as a vehicle is available you can board it and depart for the Circuit.

If you are driving to us we will issue you with special directions to the airfield to help you avoid the Grand Prix traffic. These are sent out when you purchase your ticket for the shuttle service.

Pilots will need to observe the special joining and landing instructions in place for Sunday. Please see the link above. [Go to top]

Where Will I Be Dropped Off And Picked Up?

Our Circuit drop-off point is at pedestrian gate 15 which is located at the south end of the Circuit close to Vale.
We will collect you from our pick-up point which is at the top of the gate 15 car park – approximately 500 yards from gate 15. When you are ready to leave the Circuit, simply head to our Pick-Up Point and await the next available vehicle. You will be returned to the Airfield and from here can head home, following our instructions in reverse to avoid the traffic once again. [Go to top]

Why Can’t You Take Me Right Into The Circuit?

Gate 15 is a pedestrian entrance only – no vehicles are permitted access. We use this gate because it is the nearest available to the end of our cross-country route. If we were to go further down the road to a vehicular entrance we would get you caught in all the traffic you have just avoided by using our service! [Go to top]

Why Can’t You Collect Me From Outside Gate 15?

The shuttle service is designed to minimise queuing. After the Grand Prix the gate 15 area is extremely busy with people leaving the Circuit and walking back to their cars, representing a potential safety hazard. In addition, our vehicles get bogged down in the mass of people and can only move at a snail’s pace. We therefore collect from the top of the car park from where we can whisk you back to the airfield. [Go to top]

What If I Need To Go To A Different Part Of The Circuit?

Turweston Flight Centre runs a limited additional shuttle service inside the Circuit which can take you to your required destination* and collect you again when you are ready to leave. Due to narrow availability this service must be booked in advance. It runs to a tight schedule so times must be adhered to in order to avoid delays. Please note that the security measures in place at the Circuit mean we will not be able to drop you off or pick you up right outside hospitality suites.

* The new layout at Silverstone Circuit means that some hospitality areas must now be accessed using the Silverstone courtesy buses - please ask us for information about your hospitality location. [Go to top]

What Times Are Available?

The service operates by prior arrangement on Friday and Saturday and continuously from 7am to 6pm on Sunday. [Go to top]

 How Do I Book?

You can book by emailing your requirements or you can book by telephone – 01280 705400 (select option 2). We will be happy to answer any questions you may have. [Go to top]

What Does It Cost?

A pdf of our 2012 price list can be viewed here. [Go to top]


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